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Frequenty Asked Questions

Faq MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Expand all

A) It’s the facility which allows you to keep your mobile number when you move from one access provider to another irrespective of the mobile technology, or from one cellular mobile technology to another of the same access provider.

Q) Who is a Recipient Operator?

A) The access provider who will be providing mobile telecommunication service to you after port out.

Q) Who is a Donor Operator?

A) The access provider whose services you were using before porting.

Q) What is a UPC - Unique Porting Code?

A) UPC is an 8 digit alphanumeric code allocated, upon request, by an access provider for the purpose of facilitation of porting of a mobile number. The first digit denotes operator and second digit denotes circle.

Q) What is the validity of UPC - Unique Porting Code?

A) 15 days after generation

Q) When can I make a porting request?

A) You are eligible to make a porting request if you have: An active connection that is at least 90 days old (as counted from the date of new activation or the last port date) No payments outstanding to the donor operator (operator that you are leaving) No requests pending for change of ownership of the number.

Q) Can I port out from one circle to another?

A) No, As for now only intra-circle porting is allowed.

Q) I have a CDMA phone; can I port to GSM technology?

A) If you got a GSM phone you can switch over.

Q) Can I give a port in request to more than one operator at a time?

A) The request which reaches your current service provider for acceptance, first will be entertained, subsequent requests will be rejected.

Q) How can I get a UPC code?

A) SMS “Port Mobile no.” from your phone and send this to 1900. You will get an 8 digit alphanumeric code from your current service provider through SMS from 1901.

Q) How fast will I get the UPC code?

A) Instantly, after sending the SMS to 1900.

Q) Conditions for MNP

A) 1 .You should have completed a period of 90 days (from the date of activation of your mobile connection) with your current operator. 2. You should have cleared all outstanding payments of your current Operator. 3. You should have no pending request for change of ownership of the mobile number. 4. Your mobile number sought to be ported should not be sub-judice i.e. under trial in a Court of Law. 5. Porting of your mobile number should not have been prohibited by a Court of Law. 6. There should be no ownership change request pending against the number you wish to port.

Q) How long does it take to port a number?

The entire process of porting takes approximately 7 days. The exceptions are J&K, Assam & the North Eastern regions where it will take 10 days from the receipt of porting clearance from the donor operator (operator that you are leaving)

Q) What do I need to keep in mind before porting Out?

Postpaid customers cannot port in/out if they have overdue bills. All existing credit available to Prepaid customers will expire upon successful porting and will not be carried forward.

Q) Will there be any impact on my services in the process of porting?

PostpaidThere will be a maximum 2 hrs “no service period” where your number will be deactivated with current operator and activated on new network. You will be intimated of this timeframe in advance.

Q) Do I have to replace my SIM card?

Yes You would have to replace your sim card with a new one, the new sim card will be given to you by us when you apply For Port- in request

Q) In case my porting request is rejected can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again after completion of eligibility criteria due to which your request got rejected.

Faq Booking General/Buynow numbers Expand all
Q) What do you mean by General numbers ?

A) Mobile numbers which are very commonly available in the market are known as general numbers. These numbers are available in plenty with various start-up plans, You have 1000's of numbers to choose from at a low cost. If you are searching for a new connection which is reasonable & fits your choice; General number is the Best category to surf.

Q) What do you mean by Buy now?

A) Mobile numbers which are easy to remember or Spell fall under this category. Buy now is a category under fancy numbers which give you choices of premium numbers which are available at a higher price than General numbers.

Q) How do i book a mobile number?

A) To book a mobile number you first need to get registered with us by sharing some adequate details about yourself. You can register with us by logging in to your Facebook or Gmail account or by signing up with your E-mail ID (sign up form link).

Q) What does MRP / Price over a number contain?

A) The MRP/ Price of a number Contains of:- a) FRC - First recharge which is mandatory, b) Sim Card Cost, c) Service charges - Document processing & Delivery, d) Service Taxes. ( service charges may vary according to numbers & there categories)

Q) What happens if the status of my selected number shows Unavailable ?

A) Sorry, The number is been taken on by someone else who was also hunting on the same number. This happens when two or more people are involved in booking the same number at a given point of time. Try booking another number in this condition.

Q) What does Reserve Now & Reserve Later mean ?

A) If you are ready with all your documents at the time of booking select RESERVE NOW & if you just wish to Block a number for certain period of time (24hrs) select RESERVE LATER.

Q) How to book my number using Reserve Later?

A) once you have blocked your number you can then Reserve the number by logging in to your numberbazaar account, by viewing the DASHBOARD

Q) Where can i view all my bookings?

A) All your bookings get Reflected on your DASHBOARD. you can view them by logging in to your account

Q) Can I Re-edit the details in sim registration form?

A) Sorry, you can edit your details only when you have blocked a number by using Reserve later category, If you have booked a number with Reserve now option & payment is confirmed only our official executive will be able to Edit your Data. Please contact our support team for any help at

Q) Till what time is Online Chat option available?

A) our representatives for online Chat are available only from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm

Q) Do i get confirmation on booking number?

A) Yes, you would be getting a confirmation E-mail once you have booked a number with us. You can also check the status of your Transaction & booking on your Account DASHBOARD.

FAQ on Auction/Bidding on mobile numbers Expand all
Q) What does "Auction" of mobile numbers mean ?

A) Online Bidding ( BOLI) on mobile numbers is termed as Auction, An auction is live for only certain period of time after which a winner with the highest BID is been declared

Q) How do I get registered for biding on mobile numbers ?

A) To participate in Auction of mobile numbers you need to first register with us by sharing some adequate details about yourself. You can register with us by logging in to your Face book or Gmail account or by signing up with your E-mail ID (sign up form link).You need to pay a Refundable registration amount after which you can get registered to Bid on mobile numbers.

Q) How many mobile numbers can I Bid on ?

A) While registering you are allowed to select 5 numbers on which you can Bid in future. For the next Set of 5 numbers you would have to Register separately.

Q) How do I Bid on my Registered mobile numbers ?

A) To learn the process of Bidding on mobile numbers kindly view

Q) How Do I know the Status of my BID ?

A) You can Log in to your numberbazaar account & view your BID status, also you can view the current Bid status of all the mobile numbers on our website online.

Q) How many Participants can Bid on a particular number ?

A) There is no cap over number of participants Bidding on a particular number.

Q) What happens If I win the Auction ?

A) If you win the Auction, a confirmation by E-mail would be sent to you & our representative will confirm you over a telephone call. You just need to Register the number by logging in to your account within 24 hrs. If you fail to do so the number would be then offered to the Second Highest Bidder & you would lose the chance to retain the number.

Q) What happens if I Lose the Auction ?

A) Better Luck Next time !! You can try again by registering yourself for another Set of numbers.

Q) Does my Registration amount get refunded ?

A) a) If You have Won the Bid; your registration amount gets settled in your Final Bill. b) If you lose the Bid; Your registration amount gets refunded within 3- 4 business days. c) Non Participation; If you did not participate in any of the Bid on your registered mobile numbers the amount gets blocked with us & is non refundable

Q) Where Can I view all Closed Auction Results?

A) All the closed auction results can be viewed here

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Track Your Order Online

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